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What is Bandwidth or Allowed Data Transfer?

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred to a server in a specified interval of time is calculated in an MB’s

Allowed bandwidth what does this term signifies and why is it important while taking up a hosting account from a web hosting company.

Bandwidth / Data Transfer = Amount of data that is transferred through a server in a specified time. ( Bandwidth is measured in bps or Mbps.)

As a client it is important for you to understand Data Transfer or bandwidth as most of the hosting companies have limitation in terms of the allowed data transfers per account / website. This in terms means that their is a limit to the amount of data that can be transferred per website that you host with the hosting company.Bandwidth Data Transfer
How do analyses how much data transfer / Bandwidth your website needs?

The rule for understanding the bandwidth requirement is quite simple and can be associated with some standard variables.

The number of pages and average page size of the website
The number of visitors that you are expecting on your website
Email usage that may be associated with your account

For Example if your average page views are 1000 per day and each page is of the size 50 kb then per day bandwidth usage would be 50,000 kbps. If you multiply this with 30 then you can have the monthly bandwidth requirement for the website.

Also you should also keep in account other bandwidth usage like email Ftp, Sound, video clips etc and should always look at a higher limit or plan for the website to ensure that your website is not down because your website is assigned a low allowed data transfer limit.
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Although you will find a few companies that have plans with unlimited data transfers but that because they are averaging this out with other client. If your website seems to take up data transfer that hurts the hosting company revenue they will suspend your website. So that all that their is to data transfer or bandwidth the hosting way.