Why Shared Hosting is Better for Small Business Owners

Finding a shared hosting provider is not a difficult task, as thousands of companies have emerged to cater to the demands produced by the increasing popularity of the internet. By leveraging the latest technological inventions that shared hosting providers have, it is possible to promote their services and products on the web.

Shared hosting, as the name implies is a web hosting service where the web server used to host the web pages is shared by many websites. There can be thousands of websites on a single shared hosting server and it is due to the fact that one server is satisfying the requirements of many websites; they can offer cheap prices. Shared web hosting is best if the user has a small business and has some financial constraints. But before selecting the best shared hosting company one should carefully examine the support quality of the company and understand the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting. Continue reading


How To Secure Your Website On Shared Servers ?

The secured socket layer (SSL) technology provides strong encryption of HTTP packets during their transfer through the World Wide Web. However, in order to encrypt; a SSL certificate from a trusted certification authority like Verisign or Twate is necessary.

Shared hosting and SSL certificates

SSL can undoubtedly provide a lot of security on the server side. Most of the encryption done is on the 128 bit level, which in its own right is very secure. But, when it comes to securing websites on shared hosts the real problems surface as the SSL technology requires an IP address ( with port number) and most shared websites don’t have one! Continue reading

What is Bandwidth or Allowed Data Transfer?

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred to a server in a specified interval of time is calculated in an MB’s

Allowed bandwidth what does this term signifies and why is it important while taking up a hosting account from a web hosting company.

Bandwidth / Data Transfer = Amount of data that is transferred through a server in a specified time. ( Bandwidth is measured in bps or Mbps.)

As a client it is important for you to understand Data Transfer or bandwidth as most of the hosting companies have limitation in terms of the allowed data transfers per account / website. This in terms means that their is a limit to the amount of data that can be transferred per website that you host with the hosting company.Bandwidth Data Transfer
How do analyses how much data transfer / Bandwidth your website needs?

The rule for understanding the bandwidth requirement is quite simple and can be associated with some standard variables.

The number of pages and average page size of the website
The number of visitors that you are expecting on your website
Email usage that may be associated with your account

For Example if your average page views are 1000 per day and each page is of the size 50 kb then per day bandwidth usage would be 50,000 kbps. If you multiply this with 30 then you can have the monthly bandwidth requirement for the website.

Also you should also keep in account other bandwidth usage like email Ftp, Sound, video clips etc and should always look at a higher limit or plan for the website to ensure that your website is not down because your website is assigned a low allowed data transfer limit.
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Although you will find a few companies that have plans with unlimited data transfers but that because they are averaging this out with other client. If your website seems to take up data transfer that hurts the hosting company revenue they will suspend your website. So that all that their is to data transfer or bandwidth the hosting way.

Choose A Web Hosting Company Wisely

It has been frequently observed that most of the online business owners migrate or transfer their websites to other Hosting Services providers due to a number of reasons. All seems fine in beginning when you subscribe a hosting solution from a provider seeing heap of exaggerated claims made however after two or three months things become hazy.
Questions To Be Asked From Your Web Host

The ambiguity in web hosting services and frustration can be mitigated in earlier stages of Service Level Agreementitself by asking provider a series of straightforward yet important questions. Anticipate quality of answers and degree of professionalism in the answers and then end up with an agreement. The article accommodates a standard list of questions to be asked from your service provider before subscribing a service. Continue reading

A Quick Web Hosting Guide For New Buyers

If you own a business and have plans to launch it online too, web hosting is an aspect you need to think about on a serious note. Web hosting paves a foundation stone for your e-business venture thus its selection and subscription must be done after scrutinizing a range of factors. There exist hundreds and thousands of hosting providers who offer you web hosting backed by lucrative plans and additional add-ons. If you are out to choose a host but in illusion due to companies and their tempting promotion gimmick, here we figure out a complete article that will help you in finding one.

Continue reading

How To Choose The Right WordPress Hosting

WordPress, the leading content management system has now been adopted as a solid platform for hosting e-commerce and other lengthy websites. It’s a usual representation of the online world as a blogging platform is now a thing of the past. It has become one of the most innovative and robust application hosting services so far due to its utilities and functions that it offers. If you are willing to establish your online business in the e-business world with a solid approach and motive, WordPress website is right aim to look at. If you choose WordPress hosting wisely, you can push your WordPress business websites far ahead of the competition. Continue reading